The Power of Predictive Maintenance


With so many tenants and units to manage, requests, repairs, complaints, staff management, cleaning, apartment turns… It can be easy to get lost in the every day, easy to be blinded to the underlying problems and to focus on treating the symptoms.

By doing that however you’re at risk of neglecting your biggest asset – your properties.

By automating your processes through Travtus, every day you’re capturing huge amounts of data on your maintenance operations. Every time a tenant makes a request, every time your workmen check in to or out of a job you’re capturing valuable information that when analysed can reveal invaluable insight in to the health of your buildings and the performance of your staff.

With advanced analytical tools you can use that data to see patterns, patterns that help you see through the day to day noise and understand where you can invest wisely to improve the health of your properties and performance of your team.

Did you know that 12% of all maintenance requests are to resolve blocked sinks and bathtubs. $100,000’s is spent in resolving them. At 28 minutes on average to resolve each one, your supers can spend a month a year just unclogging drains.

Now use that insight and invest in drain screens for every sink shower and tub, reducing the number of clogs that you have to resolve by half? A targeted investment that saves you $000’s? Its a no brainer!

Now imagine that you are able to analyse floor by floor and line by line, you identify that you have 20% of your maintenance efforts going into resolving leaks in Apartment H on every floor. You’re able to see that you have a systemic problem putting at risk the health of your property. Allowing you time to take planned investment that can prevent much more costly consequences in the future.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of how analytics can help revolutionise the way that you maintain your properties.


Manage Maintenance Better

Managing maintenance work can be exhausting. Bombarded by a mountain of information, new tasks all around us as well as managing tenants, supers and compliance. Technology used right can help. Travtus can help.

Property management software allowed managers and service providers to improve the way they work and the experience they give to tenants. Maintenance however, has been long ignored, still represents an opportunity for process improvement, cost savings and brinign direct value improvement to your property portfolio.

Why Should Productivity Be Among Your Priorities?

Before addressing some of the ways Travtus supports your business, we must mention the importance of working on productivity. The companies that organize themselves to produce and generate more results in less time are the ones able to provide better, lower cost tenant experience. Increasing tenant satisfaction while reducing costs – its win win. 

So, how amazing would be if you could achieve more without sacrificing that much time? How much would your property management business grow?

Productivity is key for all aspects of modern business. Professionals in every single sector are after it because they understand that time is money. It’s not simply about getting rid of the hassle but earning more time for what matter in their businesses.

Travtus Makes Communication Easier

Tenants and clients want to be informed about the whole maintenance process. They are curious and have every right to ask questions. But keeping everyone updated is hard and time-consuming.

Here, Travtus can be a lifesaver. Software that helps you engage your tenants through regular communication, constantly keeping them informed through SMS and email. It helps them feel confident you have their repairs in hand while reducing the flow of calls to your team.

Travtus Monitors All Work and Simplifies Data Output

When the time for maintenance comes, property management can be a real headache. It’s important to control all the field work and track the progress on the daily basis. With hundreds if not thousands of units and tenants to manage this can be a nightmare.

Fortunately, Travtus focuses on complete tracking of maintenance in one single place, processing data to deliver useful reports about progress and value information. These reports include photos as well, complementing the briefing wonderfully.

Travtus Eliminates Paperwork

Since the early days of software, one of its main perks was getting rid of paperwork. This allowed most companies in the developed world to optimize their processes and become exceptionally productive. Nevertheless, the paperwork didn’t disappear completely. This quest continues.

The team behind Travtus understand all the hassle property management businesses experience because of paperwork. The many built-in tools aim to reduce exponentially all the paperwork, making your life easier and saving you plenty of time and energy.

Travtus Optimizes Teamwork with your Field Staff

As we said before, communicating with tenants is extremely hard, especially when several maintenance projects are being executed simultaneously. The same thing happens with workers.

To bring productivity to this area, Travtus has a dedicated app to keep constant communication and useful data transmission between your property management business and the entire field staff. Keeping everyone informed and aligned on every request and every repair – REAL TIME!