Defining Alpha in the World of Real Estate Technology

In the world of investing and portfolios, the term Alpha is used with a lot of gravitas. It often conjures up images of the Wolf of Wall Street. Intelligent men in suits taking home multimillion dollar bonuses with a life exemplified by models and bottles. Alpha is a quality that is aspirational and inspirational. In the economic definition of the word it is what makes someone’s performance exceptional. Alpha is the secret sauce of a winner. It is what makes them stand above the rest.

In portfolio return analysis, all excess returns are attributed to two coefficients an Alpha or a Beta. While beta is the well-established coefficient for risk and volatility which has now been defined as a science, alpha still is just calculated based on the difference between the what was achieved and expected. A bit like a filler. Alpha is what goodwill is on a balance sheet. A number that helps us define the unknown.

The question is, how real is Alpha?

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The Power of Predictive Maintenance


With so many tenants and units to manage, requests, repairs, complaints, staff management, cleaning, apartment turns… It can be easy to get lost in the every day, easy to be blinded to the underlying problems and to focus on treating the symptoms.

By doing that however you’re at risk of neglecting your biggest asset – your properties.

By automating your processes through Travtus, every day you’re capturing huge amounts of data on your maintenance operations. Every time a tenant makes a request, every time your workmen check in to or out of a job you’re capturing valuable information that when analysed can reveal invaluable insight in to the health of your buildings and the performance of your staff.

With advanced analytical tools you can use that data to see patterns, patterns that help you see through the day to day noise and understand where you can invest wisely to improve the health of your properties and performance of your team.

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Manage Maintenance Better

Managing maintenance work can be exhausting. Bombarded by a mountain of information, new tasks all around us as well as managing tenants, supers and compliance. Technology used right can help. Travtus can help.

Property management software allowed managers and service providers to improve the way they work and the experience they give to tenants. Maintenance however, has been long ignored, still represents an opportunity for process improvement, cost savings and bringing direct value improvement to your property portfolio.

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